Off Limits

Following is a list of what is off limits if you’re committed to strict Paleo.

  • No Sugar or Artificial Sugar
    (Equal, Splenda, Stevia, agave nectar, pure cane, corn syrup, fructose, molasses, honey, maltodextrin, etc)
  • No Junk Food
    (cakes, desserts, cookies, candy, chocolate, pastries, chips, crackers,ice cream, snack foods, etc)
  • No Grains
    (wheat products, corn products, rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, cereals, etc)
  • No Legumes/Beans
    (peanuts, lima beans, kidney beans, black beans etc)
  • No Dairy
    (milk, ½ + ½, cream, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc)
  • No Alcohol
    (Includes wine, beer and hard liquor)

Why No Sugar Substitutes?

  • Sugar and all substitutes may spike insulin levels
  • Prohibits many people from losing weight

Why No Grains?

  • Not healthy, no nutrients, not suitable for our digestive system – (causes weight gain and bloating)
  • Contain anti-nutrients (phytates- more on that soon)
  • Contain lectin (grain protein causes gut irritation) > celiac: gluten intolerance > destruction of villi in intestines > a vast array of digestive/gastrointestinal problems: constipation – heart burn – colon disease – IBS – varicose veins – indigestion – colitis – gall stones – hemorroids – appendicitis – hiatal hernia – duodenal ulcer
  • Gluten (wheat, oats) disrupts insulin signalling (1 in 33 people have celiac disease)
  • Lead to carb addiction (bread anyone?)
  • Kitava study: No cancer, diabetes, heart disease or obesity. Intro to grains/dairy/legumes = disease started
  • Inuits:  85% fat, 15% protein, no carbs = no disease

Why No Legumes/Beans?

  • Contain phytates > binds w/ bone minerals > robs you of it
  • Contain lectin: originally evolved to fight off insect predators > binds w/ tissues in our body > increase intestinal permeability > allows partially digested food and gut bacteria to pass into the bloodstream > also impairs the immune system > leads to many autoimmune diseases in genetically susceptible people

Why No Dairy?

  • Spikes insulin levels
  • Nutrient deficient (cows are fed grain) and loaded w/ antibiotics and growth hormones
  • Linked to increased risk of prostate and ovarian cancer

Thirst Quenchers
Black coffee – Espresso – Americano – green/black/herbal/oolong tea water – water w/ lemon.  THAT’S IT.

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