At Crossfit Eastern Shore, we are dedicated to fostering a community of healthy individuals pursuing a level of fitness unimaginable by most. By creating a functional fitness program based upon core strength and conditioning, our athletes are able to achieve the physical preparedness, increased ease of movement and body composition that they have always dreamed of. Our athletes work as a team, they encourage each other and they leave their egos at the door, allowing optimal results and the love of camaraderie to unite the community within our walls.

To encourage the fostering of a healthy and flourishing community of athletes, Crossfit Eastern Shore has partnered with grassroots companies from across the country that work everyday to propel the Crossfit philosophy and the betterment of athletes near and far. We are proud to be able to offer the goods and services that these companies provide to our athletes, all from the convenience and comfort of our Daphne, Alabama location.

To learn more about the companies that we have partnered with, and to learn more about their involvement in the sport of Crossfit, please visit their respected links below.