Progenex Recovery Products

progenexWhen it comes to supplements, the team at Crossfit Eastern Shore stays with the rule that “less is more.” When the time comes to jump start your recovery to get you ready tomorrow’s WOD, however, we turn to the recovery products from Progenex. Offering the highest grade whey protein isolate, “Promorphogen,” on the market (they call it “muscle dust for a reason!), their patented enzymatic process of production ensures a results delivering product. Fast absorption is the key to the success of the products, with studies showing muscle repair occurring within 6 hours of ingestion (The human body can take up to 72 hours for natural muscle repair to occur*).

Progenex's "Omega+" features an optimal DHA/EPA ratio with none of the bad stuff!

Progenex’s “Omega+” features an optimal DHA/EPA ratio with none of the bad stuff!

To make a product that helps you recover faster is one thing, but to make one that tastes as good as Progenex is another! Offering delicious flavors such as Belgium Chocolate, Tropical Vanilla, and Loco Mocha (Coach Adam’s favorite), Progenex is helping athletes such as Kendrick Farris (Olympian), Chris Spealer and Christmas Abbott achieve optimal performance for each and every training session.

Fast acting “Recovery” is not the only product that Crossfit Eastern Shore is proud to offer their athletes, however. The high protein (31g per serving) boasting “More Muscle” (Coach Jason’s go-to post workout treat) features a low caloric value (170 calories) per serving to ensure type II muscle fibers are receiving optimal levels of amino acids without any “fluff,” and their Omega-3 complex features 570mg of DHA per serving!

The coaching staff and dedicated athletes at Crossfit Eastern Shore have seen amazing results from the Progenex line of recovery products, and are proud to be the sole affiliate distributor in Baldwin County.

To learn more about the science behind the Progenex line of products, visit their website at

Interested in trying the Progenex line of products? Come shoot the breeze and join us for WOD, or click on the link here (you will even save 10% off your online order!) to purchase their full line of products in their web shop.

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