Based around functional movements performed at a high intensity, CrossFit Eastern Shore’s goal is to make you an all around better athlete. The CrossFit program will prepare you for the unknown and the unknowable through constantly varied training. These classes offer athletes of all levels the ability to work in a team-based environment resulting in fun, safe and effective training. Our “tiered” program allows for every level of athlete to be challenged; whether you are a competitive athlete or simply looking to make a lifestyle change. View today’s WOD

Eastern Shore Barbell

Eastern Shore Barbell is Baldwin County’s premier Weightlifting and Powerlifting program, held in Daphne, AL. Focusing on the functional fitness application of the Olympic and Power Lifts, athletes will gain added proficiency in movements such as the Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Small group training with multiple accredited coaches will allow athletes to acquire the skills necessary to perform at a high level. For more information, please visit our Eastern Shore Barbell Page.

Eastern Shore Endurance

Debunking the myth that endurance athletes need a large volume of Long Slow Distance (LSD) training, Eastern Shore Endurance focuses on working to accelerate an athlete’s ability with a focus on aerobic conditioning and lactic threshold training. Pushing the boundaries of speed and stamina, our Endurance Athletes work directly with coaches towards the goal of sustained work capacity through smart, targeted training.