crossfit success stories

Debbie – CrossFit Eastern Shore – Member 11+ Months

Little more than a year ago I hadn’t even heard of Crossfit or had any desire to get into an exercise routine of any kind!  Funny how things fall into place, the first seed was planted while donating platelets at Life South, one day I saw a group of athletes running down the roa
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Dean – CrossFit Eastern Shore – Member 3+ Years

I’ve never have been an athlete, the best description of me has always been “Band Nerd” with all that implies. I’ve always been “heavy”, but in the fall of 2011 I found myself out of breath just trying to tie my shoes. I was north of 300 lbs. I’d tried to work out at the gym many time
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Joey, 22, Law Enforcement

CrossFit Eastern Shore has aided me in lifetime achievements, and then some. From an early age I have known that I wanted to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Then that time arose where I was approaching try outs and applying for the position. Coach Jason Odom and Coach Adam Pfaff,
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