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Time to start bringing back the power version of the lifts and get used to getting heavy in the those. W-up.: Burgener Warm-up A.: Power Snatch (Warm-up to a Heavy single for today. 12-15 minutes) B.: Outlaw Snatch Proficiency Test Every 30 seconds for 4 minutes (8 total reps) perform
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CrossFit: Are You Doing it Right?

When I began implementing CrossFit workouts into my training back in 2009, my goal was never to compete in the sport of fitness. I was on a weight loss journey, with goals to complete large scale endurance events, all while building an aesthetically pleasing physique. The first workou
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CrossFit Eastern Shore: The Good, The Better and The BEST

This morning, there was an article that went viral through social media outlining the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly regarding CrossFit Training and “affiliates” in general.  Although some of the info is, in fact, “good info” to know before or during your CrossFit training experience, I
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